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License Information

Licencing noted here is for specific digital products, it does not refer to website software licensing as part of the shopping cart or brochure website packages.

All digital products, website designs (brochure & ecommerce) purchased from Inspired IT Solutions Limited are subject to copyright restrictions. In purchasing them from Inspired Solutions you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and the licensing information as stated below:

  1. All files included in digital template (skin) packages are copyright Inspired IT Solutions Limited (trading as Inspired Solutions), with the exception of works originally developed by a supplier where copyright is recognised with the product.
  2. All website and ecommerce site skin/templates must display the copyright notice 'Designed by Inspired Solutions' text and hyperlink to unless previously agreed in writing.
  3. Permission is granted to alter any of the files supplied with the exception of changing the theme images to another theme supplied by Inspired Solutions, free or purchased. The copyright notice as implied must remain regardless of what modification is made.
  4. In purchasing designs from Inspired Solutions, you are licensed to use it on one server installation of the intended website content management system.
  5. You may not re-distribute any template files supplied as part of a package as all filed are covered under this copyright agreement, all files are customised for improved functionality. Inspired Solutions recognises the copyright of other suppliers with any original code modified by Inspired Solutions.
  6. Inspired Solutions reserves the right to distribute designs developed.

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